How To Submit Your Music To Blogs Like A Pro



How To Submit Your Music To Blogs Like A Pro

How To Submit Your Music To Blogs Like A Pro

I wanted to make this post to share with you what I’ve learned over the years about submitting music to blogs, and receiving submissions here at Underground Podcast. After you read this, you will know how to submit your music like a pro!

Before I go deeper into this, I want you to understand that anyone can contact a “PAY FOR FEATURE” type of website and get their music on there by spending money. This is NOT what I’m talking about here! I’m talking about the websites like this one that will post your music for FREE, if your music is properly submitted. Let’s start from the beginning.


First Thing First: Email Subject Line

I can’t stress on how important it is to use the subject line properly! If the subject of your email isn’t structured the way blogs like, or it looks misleading, there is a good chance it will get skipped over due to the volume of emails received. So how do you make your email stand out? With a properly structured, detailed subject, that’s how.

You have to understand that your email subject line is similar to a blog headline or Newspaper headline. Your goal is to get the readers attention! If your subject says something like Music Submission – Atist Name – Song Name all you’re doing is blending in. You have to stand out and by doing the same thing as 1,000,000 other artists, trust me, you’re not standing out! So what you need to do is add detail. Get creative and let the reader know what to expect from the beginning.

How To Write A Detailed Email Subject

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself “Why am I submitting”?

Did you release a new project? Are you pushing a single off your project? Did you have a video made for a song on your project that you’re trying to push? Do you have a big show or a tour coming up? The reason for your submission is important! That IS the detail!

Here is an example of both methods and the obvious difference.

Music Submission – Tommy B – Say Something 


Tommy B released his new song “Say Something” from his anticipated mixtape “The Sample”

You can see there’s an obvious difference and the second subject line is more interesting. It tells the recipient some details about what is going on with the artist, instead of just “hey here’s a song”! If you get creative with this approach, I guarantee you will stand out.

How To Increase Your Odds Of Getting Featured

This is a simple but very effective tip… Build a relationship with the blogs you are targeting for features!

If you sign up for email lists, comment on their blog, Facebook pages, and other social networks, you’re showing interest in what they do. Become a part of their communities and circles. Show them you’re more than just another musician with your hand out and that you value what they do. These tips WILL help you increase your chances of gaining coverage from blogs.

I hope you find this information helpful and even more, I hope you apply it so you can see the results for yourself.

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Underground Podcast 8 Bars Of Fire Contest

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