Boomerang Gaines Bout That Action Ft Hope



Boomerang Gaines Bout That Action Ft Hope

Boomerang has hit us with another dope track titled “Bout That Action” Ft. Hope. It’s another classic Boomerang record, combined with the lovely voice from Hope. If you heard any of his last EP, you know you wont be let down. Click play and listen to the latest from the Mayor.



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Finish Line By Jay T ft B Pat Produced By Primobeatsonthetrack



Finish Line By Jay T ft B Pat Produced By Primobeatsonthetrack

My name is Jon Taylor people call me Jay T. Just making some rap music for people who like new stuff. Trying to rap about things people can relate too, not just simple shit. Like bitches and money and drugs even though I have a lot of drug references in my music but shit who doesn’t , so yeah just get at me if you like what I am doing and shit, I am always working on music mon-friday and studio on weekends.

Hit me on YouTube, a like and a subscribe would help me out.  I’m always down to make music with other people always looking to collab with artist all around the world I love making two types of sounds into one. Click here.

“Finish Line” By Jay T ft. B Pat (Produced By Primobeatsonthetrack)

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Dlow Strong Produced By GoldenBeets



Dlow  Strong Produced By GoldenBeets

I’m an hip hop artist that speaks about bettering myself and being determine that’s why I also go by “The Daicon”. I rap over boom bap jazz, blues, and neo soul incorporated beats. I also bring real life scenario scenes to the table. I been rapping for 16 years and writing for 7 years. I want to better myself as I go on as an artist. I always say you only can get better as you move forward. Stay humble and move forward no matter what. As a all around multimedia guy, I bring to the table, work of arts by my videography skills and life stories far as my music.




My Ep can be downloaded at Audiomack

Twitter: @DlowICON

Facebook: Derick Little

Soundcloud: Dlow

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Exclusive Young Leek Detroit Interview



Exclusive Young Leek Detroit Interview

We have an exclusive interview with Young Leek Detroit from Loud House ENT. for  you. This man has been been working hard and keeps the fire coming. Get to know him a little better, check out this interview.

UGP: Let’s start off with a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? When did you start making music?

Young Leek Detroit: I go by the name Young Leek Detroit. I’m from the Westside of Detroit, right off 7 mile. I started making music when I was about 7 years old.

UGP: What label are you affiliated with?

Young Leek Detroit: I started my own label, LoudHouse Entertainment. I started the label in 2010.

UGP: What inspired you to start making your own music?

Young Leek Detroit: My grandmother really inspired my to make music. She would watch me watch 106 and Park Everyday and one day she told me like” You can do that”. So I pretty much took that and ran with it.

UGP: How would you describe the music you make?

Young Leek Detroit: I would describe my music as Raw, Unpredictable, Energetic, Fun.

UGP: Who have you collaborated with? Who would you like to collaborate with if you had the opportunity?

Young Leek Detroit: Over the past 4 years I’ve worked with a lot of artists in my city, really too many to name. I worked with Kiddo and Big Quis from Doughboyz Cashout. Who would I work with, I would have to say Meek Mill or Migos right now.


UGP: How did you get the chance to work with Doughboyz Cashout?

Young Leek Detroit: I reached out them and they reached back out, shout out to them. Go download Money Don’t Fold on ITunes.

UGP: How was the creative process from your songs “Ain’t Scared” different from “Money Don’t Fold”?

Young Leek Detroit: When we made Ain’t Scared, the flow was real mean and aggressive. We wanted to make a good song that the people can rock with and relate to. We pretty much took the same approach with Money Don’t Fold, the only difference I would say is I’ve had way more experiences (good and bad) when Money Don’t Fold came around, so I just seen more and had more to talk about.

UGP: What Detroit artists do you listen to?

Young Leek Detroit: I listen to everybody really, but I been rocking with the Kash Doll movement heavy. She took the city over, shout out to her.

UGP: Who is your favorite Detroit artist?

Young Leek Detroit: That’s a hard question right there, it’s hard to choose. I like Eminem, DBC, Big Sean, Danny Brown, I could go on for days.


UGP: Who does your production? Do you have that “go to” person, or do you prefer to shop around?

Young Leek Detroit: I worked with alot of producers from all over the country. I really don’t have one person I get production from. I like different styles and feelings in the music, so yeah, I like shopping around.

UGP: If you could work with any producer out there, who would that be?

Young Leek Detroit: If I could work with any producer it would have to be Kanye West. I been rocking with Kanye since way back and his music still has the effect as when I first heard him.

UGP: Tell us a little about your last project “Presidential Sweets”.

Young Leek Detroit: Presidential Sweets is my first independent album it dropped digital worldwide in June of 2014. I took my time with that album. The whole process of that album took about 2 years to finish. The feedback I’ve been getting on the album makes me feel like people actually appreciated the album, and these days It’s rare for independent albums to get love on ITunes and sites like that because people are barely buying music anymore. I love my fans and supporters for rocking with me.

UGP: Are you working on any new projects?

Young Leek Detroit: I’m working on my new album “Salute The Agreement”, it’s expected to be released early 2015. We don’t have a date yet for the album because I don’t want to rush it. I want to give the fans something they can really appreciate. I’ve always got something up my sleeve, and as far as mixtapes, I’m always brainstorming and creating new ideas.

UGP: Describe your process of making a project and how is your new album different from Presidential Sweets?

Young Leek Detroit: You gotta live! It might sound crazy but it’s really that simple. Think about it like this, if you stay in the house for a year straight and never left, what could you talk about except the house? Eventually you get repetitive, so that’s why I attack different beats that some of you wouldn’t even think I would do. I never rush a project, no matter what! I want to give all the people that support me a real classic they can listen to and appreciate. How will “Salute The Agreement” be different from “Presidential Sweets”? I really wouldn’t say different, just way more experienced, more elevated, more mature, and more focused. I feel real good about this album and I’m sure if you rock with me and support me, you’ll love it just as much as me.

UGP: Where can we find your music at?

Young Leek Detroit: You can find my music on YouTube, ITunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Xbox Music, Google Music, Amazon and just about any music site you can find.

UGP: Any Shout outs?

Young Leek Detroit: Shout out to my beautiful city of Detroit, shout out to everybody over at and a special shout out to all my fans and family, keep rockin’ with me I got us, it’s Detroit over everything.


“Ain’t Scared” Ft. HBK

“Money Don’t Fold” Ft. Big Quis


Twitter: @YL_LoudHouseEnt

FaceBook: Young Leek Detroit

Youtube: Young Leek Detroit

Datpiff: Young Leek Detroit

Cdbaby: Young Leek Detroit

Itunes: Young Leek Detroit

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Album Review Disorder By The Delusional Rapper



Album Review  Disorder By The Delusional Rapper

The Delusional Rapper’s latest project “Disorder” is sure to please. With songs like “Broken Apart”, “Broke As Fxck”, and “Back Against The Wall” that anybody can relate to. This artist also has some eye opening songs about social issues and government. One of my favorite tracks from this project is “Music Biz” featuring Kurse. The song is a good one and I really like the interview drops in the background. The Delusional Rapper delivered again with this project, in a way that’s unmatched by most unsigned artist, and signed artist alike. What I’m talking about… is concept and theme. This project shows that The Delusional Rapper can stay on point with his subject throughout an entire project. That is something I don’t see much anymore and I love it when I do. -Tommy B Underground Podcast

 00 - The_Delusional_Rapper_Disorder-front-large

00 - The_Delusional_Rapper_Disorder-back-large




Twitter @delusionalrap

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